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Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Kids

Mother's day Gift idea for kids or students in a classroom

This Mother’s Day gift idea is perfect for kids to complete at home or in the classroom! I love Mother’s Day for more reasons than one, but I especially love that it is in May after state testing has finished! The weeks following testing are wonderful because we have so much extra time for creative assignments.

Mother’s Day Gift Idea for Kids in the Classroom

When I first started teaching, a coworker recommended making flower pens for Mother’s Day with my students. I thought the idea was GENIUS because:

1. They are easy to make. 

2. They are practical and won’t be thrown away within a week. 

3. Moms always lose their pens, and this is a great way to keep track of one in the house!   

I have been making these with my students for the past 10 years and they haven’t failed me yet! The pens are durable and hold up very nicely. I still have several that I created several years ago! All you need are: 

  • Some good quality pens – I purchase the BIC pens from Walmart.
  • About two-three rolls of flower tape for a class of 30 students – you can find these at Walmart, Target, Michaels, or Hobby Lobby.
  • An artificial flower for each student – buy these in a bunch and it will save you money.
  • A hot glue gun. 
Materials to make a flower pen for Mother's Day

I usually call students over to my table to complete these in small groups. Each student will need about two feet of flower tape per pen. If a student has a hard time holding the pen, flower, and tape at the same time, have a partner help them.   

Start rolling the flower pen from top to bottom. Make sure that students are wrapping the tape tightly otherwise, it will look messy.    When they are finished rolling the tape around the pen, I usually hot glue the end to the pen in order to hold it. I have found that over the years, the end tends to start unraveling, and this will prevent that from happening.   

Note: The flower tape makes your hand feel sticky, but that will go away with use. 

flower pen idea for Mother's Day gift

Once we finish making the pens, I have my students write a “You Are” poem about their moms or grandmas. I will warn you – these poems will not only make moms cry, but they will make YOU cry as well! The kids are so honest and they see things about their moms that their moms probably don’t know that they see. 

Here is an example of a poem that one of my students wrote: 

Mother's day poem and flower gift idea

This Mother’s Day Poem Template is free in my store!

Enjoy…and Happy Mother’s Day to all of the teacher mommas reading this post. You are a hero. 


Mother's Day gift idea for kids blog post
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